The Kushi Institute of Europe

Inspired by the leading teachers of macrobiotics, Michio and Aveline Kushi, Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen started the East West Center in 1975 in Amsterdam. The East West Center was the first internationally oriented study center for macrobiotics in Europe. In 1978 Adelbert and Wieke founded the Kushi Institute of Europe, at first as a part of the East West Center. Since 1985 the Kushi Institute has become their main activity.





The goal of the Kushi Institute is to share the natural way of life called macrobiotics with everyone interested.


The Kushi Institute Today

Every year, hundreds of participants attend the programs of the Kushi Institute. The Art of Life School and various Study Weeks are the yearly peaks. The study weeks in Spring and Fall are great regenerative one week holidays.

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We offer a variety of educational programs, books and leaflets. Thousands of people, young and old, have joined our macrobiotic cooking classes, lectures and workshops. The wide spectrum of subjects range from allergies and other health related subjects to Shiatsu massage, Oriental Diagnosis, Nine Star Ki Astrology, and the consequences of GenTech for the environment and our health.

Since the 1980's the Kushi Institute has offered one-week residential programs like the Women's Health Program, the Art of Cooking School, Spiritual Seminar, Nine Star Ki Astrology, Spring Cleansing for Body, Mind & Spirit, The 5 Transformations, Zen & The Art of Movement and the two-week intensive-training Art of Life School. In 2000 we started the International Summer Conference, visited yearly by hundreds of friends from all over the world.

In Amsterdam we offer many cooking classes, shiatsu evening workshops, lectures and one-day programs.

Local lectures, workshops and study weeks are organized on demand in France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech republic and other countries.

Individual education is offered in the form of personal or family dietary and lifestyle advising. Personal Nine Star Ki astrology and Feng Shui advisings are also offered. Individual shiatsu sessions and ginger compress treatments are also available.

Many young people from all over the world have participated in the Study Training Program. While actively participating in the various departments of the Institute, you can learn unique skills and gather basic information on macrobiotics, improve your condition and have a good time in Amsterdam as well! There are continuously up to six participants of the Study Training Program at the Kushi Institute.

International Program Calendar.


In Amsterdam

The Kushi Institute is situated in the center of Amsterdam, near museums, theaters, cinemas, music halls, dance schools, libraries, universities and shopping streets. The location is easily reachable by public transportation. Amsterdam Central station is 10 minutes by tram, the international airport 'Schiphol' is 20 minutes by train. Amsterdam is relatively small but has the international cultural allure of a worldly city.


Inside the building in Amsterdam

The building of the Kushi Institute has three floors. Deshima Freshop is situated on the lower floor, the Lunch service and Take Away is at the street level and the top floor was specially designed for multifunctional use. It is a dining room during lunch hours and converts to a cooking classroom for our various programs. Nearby we also have a floor with offices and a spacious lecture room.


Deshima Lunch service and Take Away
Monday through Friday from 12pm till 2pm we offer the Deshima lunchservice (self-serve). The food is made with great care from high quality natural ingredients. The menu includes soups, warm dishes and a self-service salad bar. Come in, fill your plate with the daily menu and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal. From 9am till 2pm we accept telephone take-away orders, which you can pick up till 6pm.
Dial direct 020-626 99 33.


Deshima Freshop

Our specialized natural foods store offering a wide variety of macrobiotic, high quality natural foods staples: grains, pastas, noodles, beans, seaweeds, vegetables and fruits. Also, natural seasonings like shoyu soy sauce, miso soy paste, sea salt, rice vinegar, a variety of natural snacks, breads, delicious pies and desserts.

Our own exclusive products include Yamaki soy sauce and miso, home made tempeh, tofu, seitan and natto. We have many beautifully handcrafted traditional Japanese bowls and teacups. We also offer classic kitchen tools made of stainless steel, wood and bamboo.

Deshima offers a complete assortment of macrobiotic books (nearly 500 titles) in English, French, German and Dutch.

The Deshima mail-order department ships all over Europe.
You may call us on our direct number: +31-20-6257513

Other locations

For the residential programs, the Kushi Institute rents 3-star accommodations to offer our guests a comfortable and pleasant stay. Often the residential accommodations are located in the rural Dutch countryside, where picturesque small villages, farmhouses and the famous Dutch wind mills are situated amidst the green fields, rivers, lakes and woods.

The staff of the Kushi Institute:

Wieke Nelissen, Director and teacher, available a.o. for the personal and family health and life style sessions, as well the personal Nine Star Ki Astrology or Feng Shui sessions

Nini Kossen, Shiatsu massage teacher, available for the personal Shiatsu massage sessions

Horriah van Veen-Nelissen, Cooking teacher, available for the family health and life style sessions

Jasmijn Rijkhoff-Nelissen, MA, Teacher

Valentina Nelissen, Do-In and Cooking teacher, office and reception assistant

Jarka Adamcova, Do-In, Shiatsu, Ginger compress and Cooking teacher, office manager, web editor, available for the Ginger compress and Shiatsu massage sessions

Elvira Decnop, Deshima Shop and Mail Order manager

Roxana Stan, Administration

and many students and volunteers



Together we happily manage the daily activities as well as the organization of conferences and study weeks.


Special thanks to our photographers:
Adelbert & Koji Nelissen, Sachiko Kato, Jiri Ferbinek, Gudmann Thor Bjargmundsson, Michal Pecek, Katri Kapanen, Katharina Pfaller...

History of the Kushi Institute


Where it started
In the sixties, Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen established a small natural food shop in one of the oldest districts of Amsterdam. It was one of the first natural food shops in Amsterdam. Soon, a traditional sourdough bakery followed where naturally leavened breads, cookies, snacks and pies were produced. More shops followed.



Inspired and managed by Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen, a community of idealistic young people ran the MANNA company: a chain of natural food shops, a sourdough bread and pastry bakery, a tofu and seitan workshop and a nationally operating natural food distribution center.

A complete line of Japanese traditional foods, including shoyu soy sauce, miso soy paste, umeboshi, sea vegetables, noodles and also tofu, tofu spreads, tempeh, seitan, natural peanut butter and tahini sesame spread, sugar free jams, sourdough bread, sugar and dairy free pastry were developed and introduced by MANNA. At the same time, Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen continued to organize educational programs.


East West Center
In 1976 they established the East West Center of Amsterdam. A center blooming with educational programs from macrobiotic cooking classes to shiatsu massage and dance workshops, martial arts classes, yearly Summer Holiday Weeks and winter Ski camps, and macrobiotic conferences.


The Kushi Institute
In 1985, Adelbert and Wieke decided to make macrobiotic education their core activity and focused on the Kushi Institute of Europe. Since the start of the Kushi Institute it's activities have increased yearly.