Hour to Hour Program
Summer Conference 2014

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Hour to Hour Program
Art of Life School 2014

Macrobiotic Career Training Program
Main Subjects



Meet with participants from around the world, in the midst of nature, at the comfortable conference center Guldenberg, Helvoirt, Holland



 25 world-renowned teachers & counsellors

  40 inspiring lectures and presentations

  40 macrobiotic vegan cooking classes

  40 workshops, morning exercises & outdoor activities

  Creative children’s program with art, workshops and theatre

  Macrobiotic Meals, Café and Deshima Natural Food Shop

  Personal or family food & life style consultations & others sessions


Study with 25 world-renowned teachers and counselors

active in the field of nutrition, cooking and health, bodywork, art and expression, science, spirituality and personal development



Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen, Jeanne van den Heuvel, Phillip Jannetta, Horriah van Veen-Nelissen, Bob Carter, Nini Kossen, Jasmijn Rijkhoff-Nelissen, Ryan Shiotani, Sheri Lynn DeMaris, Jarka Adamcova, Valentina Nelissen, Jos & Ingrid Kops, Patrick Sturzenegger, Vera Blahova, Serge Matev, Ayumi Matsuda, Valeria Viscardi, Miroslava Slavikova, Aviva Feinerman a.o.

Special guest teachers:

David & Nicola McCarthy and Particio Garcia de Paredes.

40 Inspiring lectures and presentations

with the latest information concerning the revolutionary influences of a macrobiotic lifestyle on:


Environmental and sustainable solutions for humanity
Preventive health care in modern and traditional societies
Holistic and nutritional science
The healing power of food and natural lifestyle
Practical spiritual knowledge on ancient civilizations
Personal guidance for better health and vitality

40 Macrobiotic vegan cooking classes

with master chefs featuring exquisite dishes including:


Select meals from the traditional European, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern and Asian kitchen
Cooking for singles, families, partners, children, parties, and travel
Cleansing, strengthening and relaxing dishes for personal health and spirituality, for beauty, natural weight and vitality
Special beginners cooking classes and lectures will be conducted


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40 Workshops and morning exercises

Oriental style
Western style
Yoga The art of walking
Do-in and meditation Nordic walking
Tai Chi Chuan Modern dance
Chi Kung Alexander technique
Aikido Outdoor training
Mantra and chanting Theatre and music
Shiatsu massage Expression & communication
Palm healing Organic architecture
9 Star Ki astrology    
Feng Shui for office, home & garden    
Calligraphy and brush painting    

Wellness treatments
Shiatsu massage
Cranio sacral therapy
Alexander technique
Ginger compresses
Palm healing
Natural hair-do
Foot reflexology

Creative Children’s Program
A daytime program is offered for children of all ages and nationalities! With forest hikes, swimming, theatre, music, dance, survival, biking, special cooking classes and more. The supervisors speak several languages.
Macrobiotic Meals, Café and Deshima Natural Food Shop
Experienced cooks will prepare excellent, organic macrobiotic meals and desserts. Upon request, folk medicinal drinks can be prepared, as well as food for special dietary requirements and for babies. There will be a macro café with freshly prepared snacks, pastries and delicious drinks (no sugar, or dairy, all organic), and a high quality food and bookshop, with mail order service all over Europe. See

Early bird Super Discounts!

PRICES include classes, study material, 3 macrobiotic meals per day
and accommodation.
Register before May
after June
Per person based on 1 person bedroom 1 week € 865 € 925 € 985
2 weeks € 1.570 € 1.660 € 1.770
Per person based on
2 person bedroom *
1 week € 725 € 765 € 805
2 weeks € 1.320 € 1.390 € 1.465
Per person based on
4 person dorm */**
1 week € 645 € 685 € 700
2 weeks € 1.135 € 1.210 € 1.275
camping per person
in tent or camper
1 week € 560 € 590 € 620
2 weeks € 1.030 € 1.095 € 1.125

Notice: Your registration is final after receiving your registration and non-refundable down payment € 250 p.p. per week or € 350 p.p. for two weeks.
Extra discounts: 2nd person 10% discount / 17–25 years 25% discount / children 6-16 years 40% discount children 2-5 years 50% discount / baby’s 6 months – 1 year 75% discount
Bedrooms include: shower, toilet, TV and Wifi.
* Unless booked by 1 party than shared room with other guests.
** Dorms have shared toilets and showers in hallway.
Prices subject to change



A professional training program in 5 levels, for personal health and development


The Art of Life School is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most dynamic and comprehensive macrobiotic educational programs. Taught by teachers with years of practical experience, the classes, workshops and group interaction provide the knowledge and experience to enable you to realize your dreams and to achieve your goals, one healthy and happy day at a time.


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Personal training: lectures, cooking demonstrations & practical workshops

Level 1
Personal Awareness and Healthcare Training
Level 2 Personal and Social Awareness and Healthcare Studies
Level 3 Personal, Social and Global Awareness and Healthcare Studies


Each of the first three levels includes 12 days of intensive training in:

The Art of Cooking and Food Processing
The Principles of Oriental Diagnosis
Shiatsu Massage, Do-in and Palm Healing
The Order of the Universe (the Philosophy and Principles of Macrobiotics and their application in daily life)
Daily Cooking Workshops for Practical Skills
Course highlights
Meditation and Spiritual Exercises
Nine Star Ki Astrology, 5 Transformations and Feng Shui
Natural Architecture, Farming and Green Ecology
Family Health Topics

Make friends with students
from all over the world!



Advanced training: lectures, workshops, essay writing and presentations

Level 4
Extensive Studies in the Art of Cooking, Home Remedies, Diagnosis, Nutrition and Environmental Subjects.
Teacher’s Training: special projects, presentations and apprenticeships in various faculties.



Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen, Phillip Jannetta, Nini Kossen, Horriah van Veen-Nelissen, Jeanne van den Heuvel, Jasmijn Rijkhoff-Nelissen, Ingrid Kops, Jarka Adamcova,and special guest instructors during the Summer Conference: David & Nicola McCarthy and Particio Garcia de Paredes



Dates Art of Life School for 2014
Level 1
March 1 – 13 / August 3 - 15 * / October 1 - 13
Level 2 April 1 - 13 / August 3 - 15 * / November 1 - 13
Level 3
August 3 - 15 *
Level 4 February 1 - 15, 2015

*classes are at the location of the 14th European Summer Conference in Helvoirt, NL



Costs Art of Life School
Level 1, 2, 3 or 4
€ 1395 / € 850 - 1.750 **
Level 1 & 2 or 2 & 3 € 2495
Level 1, 2 and 3
€ 3495
Level 1, 2 and 3, in March, April and August: € 2.995



For more detailed information see: The Art of Life School


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** Prices for levels during Summer Conference vary upon accommodation and registration time. See prices Summer Conference


Prices include: classes, study material, 3 macrobiotic meals per day, accommodation and certificate of completion. Accommodation in Amsterdam, limited availability, in 2 - 3 person bedrooms. Accommodation during the Summer Conference is in a 3 star conference center in a 1 - 2 - 4 person bedrooms. Your registration is final after receiving your registration form and non-refundable down payment of € 350 per level



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