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Macrobiotic Dietary Guidelines


• Breast Cancer:

Macrobiotic Diet Reduces risk of Breast Cancer

• Cancer:

Macrobiotic and Cancer Update (february 2003)

U.S. Government Panel on Cancer Recommends Funding for Kushi Institute

The Stories That Made The Experts Listen

Why I started macrobiotics: How cancer was my Savior

• The China Report:

Research by T. Colin Campbell, PHD

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Dried daikon leaves


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Disadvantages of Dairy

How Dairy became a part of the Dutch Food Pattern (Dutch version)

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What is Macrobiotics

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Macrobiotic Dietary Guidelines

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Macrobiotics in the 21st Century

Macrobiotics: A Universal Philosophy and Way of Life

Michio Kushi and Alex Jack, The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health

• Nine Star Ki:

What is Nine Star Ki?

• Umeboshi:

The Healing Power of Umeboshi


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Preventing Bone Loss Naturally, by Adelbert Nelissen
War and Peace


• Scientific/Nutritional Update

Sugar-Free Public School Sets an Example
Hospital Sponsors Miso Happy Club
Kidney Stones in Kids Linked to Processed Foods


• Energy and Environmental News
Pesticide Linked to Bee Decline
Vanishing Acorns
Trees that heal


• GMO Watch
Potentially Harmful GM Rice Tested on Children
GM Food Cause Widespread Toxicity, Scientists Report