The Ideal Food Pattern for Humanity


During the past year, the Kushi Institute of Europe Co-Director Adelbert Nelissen has designed a brilliant new design for better understanding of macrobiotics:
The Ideal Food Pattern for Humanity.
Based on macrobiotic principles and practices and the latest scientific and nutritional findings, it features foods from around the world and shows the breadth, depth, and variety of dietary approach for a 4-season climate.


Macrobiotic meals are dynamic, delicious, healthful, and energizing for people of all backgrounds, orientations, and ages. It is hoped that this new graphic model will whet their appetite to learn more about the macrobiotic way for themselves.

The Ideal Food Pattern is a magnificent visual creation and one we hope all of our readers, students, and supporters will want to give copies to their family, friends, and associates, as well as the local medical center, school cafeteria, restaurants, food shops, sport, fitness and yoga schools and other organizations.
It is universal in its scope and application. The Ideal Food Pattern will form the core of, the exciting new encyclopedic web site on diet, health, and the environment.



Please read the future issues of our newsletter, where we will look at how the Ideal
Food Pattern is the missing link not only to personal and family health but also to
resolving planetary crises related to food, health, energy, climate change, economic and financial well-being, and sustainability.


The new Ideal Food Pattern design. English version.

The new Ideal Food Pattern design. Dutch version.

The Ideal Food Pattern design is available in English or Dutch version in a format of a laminated poster of size
46x46 cm. In this form is it nice to present and handy to hang in the kitchen or any other place.
By placing the order, the posters will be send by post, in the tube case and the costs are:

  • 1 poster = à 4.50 Euro per piece
  • 5 posters = à 4.25 Euro per piece
  • 10 posters = à 3.95 Euro per piece
  • 25 posters = à 3.25 Euro per piece
  • 50 posters = à 2.95 Euro per piece
  • 100 posters = à 2.25 Euro per piece

+ packaging and postage costs


Shipping can be arranged through our Deshima Mail Order service or you can pick it up directly in our Deshima shop.

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