Dear Students of Kushi Institute of Europe
In this time of corona lock down and social distancing it is almost impossible for us to continue our macrobiotic educational program as usual. Social distancing makes it difficult to have students in high enough numbers to make things work.
Besides that, we always had students from all over the world, which was a joy for all of us. But, as you know, travelling, especially by airplane, is impossible, even risky. And we do not know how this will develop in the coming time.
Therefor the educational activities (Kushi Institute, The Art of Life School, the cooking classes and study weekends) will be on hold. For sure we will come back with macrobiotic educational programs, in what form is not clear yet. But be sure, our heart is there and we will explore possibilities for teaching macrobiotics in all its aspects.

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Thank you all for your wonderful presence, friendship and studious mind.
You were great teachers for us, together we could come to a deeper understanding of the Order of the Universe. Never lost in this strange time.
Many friendships originate from the Summer Conferences, the Art of Life School, the study weekends and the regular cooking classes. Let’s cherish this. We, teachers and staff, look back at an immensely inspiring time, thank you again.

So, new beginnings. We will contact you as soon as the corona situation calms down and we can see possibilities for teaching again.

Big hug from all of us!

Wieke, Horriah, Jasmijn, Gideon, Koji & Valentina Nelissen
All our teachers!

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Dear Friends of Deshima
In this strange and, for some, difficult time it will probably not come as a surprise to you that also Deshima is in trouble.
In the beginning of the lock down we were optimistic and had hope we could continue and survive until everything would be back to “normal”.
But what we consider normal will probably not happen for a long time.
We have made the very difficult and sad decision to close Deshima, the shop and web shop and the lunchroom by September 1st 2020.
We want to thank you from our hearts for your support over the years, as a customer and/or student, backing our ideas of quality foods and macrobiotics.
Although we were a small business, we think that the standards of Deshima have had an influence in the word of natural food.
In the mid 80th Deshima lunch service and natural food shop were established by Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen.
Both have been active in the field of macrobiotics since the 70th.
Their first natural food shop developed soon in a production center under the name of Manna. The production of high-quality foods not commonly available was started, including tofu, smoked tofu, tempeh, seitan, natto, and a variety of sourdough breads. Especially from the sourdough bakery many students started their own bakery, in cities all over the world.
And many of those products initiated and developed by them are found now even in super markets.
Sadness is a feeling we probably all share, definitely our family and our wonderful employees, but we want to stay positive and look into a future that will carry new ideas and possibilities to bring more peace into this world.
Again, thanks so much for your support and friendship.
We wish you all great health!
With love from,
Family Nelissen & Deshima team



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Some practical information

We know the closing of Deshima is already quite soon. You can still do all your shopping’s in our shop and webshop until September 1st 2020. If you would like to place big orders, please let us know as soon as possible.
Of course, we do our very best to still supply you with all your shopping’s. It might be that orders take a little longer than usual. We hope you can understand.

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Or send us your shopping list until September 1st 2020 to or 020-4230391.

We will prepare your shopping's.
Payment can be done directly in our shop or through bank transfer.

Our Lunchroom is already closed and will not be reopened

For the ones that have a Deshima discount card that will be still valid after 1st of September 2020. We will give you a discount on your next shopping’s based on the months that the discount card is still valid after September 1st 2020.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us! 
We collect all your questions and within the next newsletter we will try to answer them all.

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