with Wieke Nelissen



Many of us are often making the resolutions for the new start. These may include changing your own and your families eating and life-style habits, enhancing your cooking skills to add a variety of tasty dishes and appetizing menus, maintaining your ideal weight, receiving expert advice on feminine, family, or raising healthy children issues, preventing tiredness, stress or other imbalance.


Fortunately, a valuable resource is available. Wieke Nelissen offers macrobiotic way-of-life counseling in person, in written form via e-mail, or, under special circumstances, Wieke can travel to meet you.


Wieke is director of the Kushi Institute of Europe, and, in addition to counseling, has taught macrobiotic cooking, women's health, and family health classes throughout Europe for over 35 years.
She has written numerous articles on cooking, and authored the Summer Conference 2004 Cookbook. Her classes are practical, focused on uncomplicated and tasty dishes the support health and well-being. All her classes are based on the real-life experience that comes from raising five children and watching the growth of her eleven grandchildren.



Personal sessions generally take place in our office in Amsterdam.
Sessions can be conducted in English, French, German or the Dutch language.
Before your appointment, you will receive a personal health and way-of-life questionnaire to fill out.
During your session you will receive dietary recommendations (including a recipe guide), way-of-life suggestions, exercises and, as needed, home remedies. All of these will be suited to your individual condition and needs.

Session length depends on your questions or specific issues.
Personal sessions run at least one hour.
Family sessions take 1-1/2 to two hours.


For more information, including fees, or to schedule a counseling appointment, call the Kushi Institute office at +31-20-6257513, or e-mail to



The Kushi Institute of Europe’s programs and services, as well as information on the Kushi Institute of Europe’s web pages, are educational in nature and are not intended to take the place of personalized medical counseling, diagnosis, or treatment.