Valentina Manera (Italy),

studied Naturopathy in Milan which includes Nutrition, foot Reflexology, Bach Remedies, Swedish and Relaxing Massage with Etheric oils. Back in 2000 she switched to a Vegan lifestyle pushed by ethical reasons, with the belief that people can live healthy and happy lives without harming or exploiting animals. Moreover, living on a plant-based diet can reduce our footprint on the planet and can positively affect the use of the resources available. Over the years she discovered natural food and approached Macrobiotics through books and by attending courses in different places in Italy especially Un Punto Macrobiotico and the La Sana Gola in Milan.
Valentina left the big city and moved to a small village in the Dolomites with her family in order to be more in touch with nature. There she started her own organic vegetarian shop, encouraging and helping people to switch from a “traditional” diet to a plant-based healthy one. For this reason she gave cooking classes and workshops, also about weaning and healthy food for children.
In 2014 she moved with her family to Amsterdam and started studying at the Kushi Institute of Europe, where during the Art of Life School and various other classes she deepened her knowledge about Shiatsu, cooking, and Macrobiotics. Valentina got in touch with Thai Yoga Massage at the ITM School in Amsterdam and keeps on practicing on family and friends, who enjoy very much the benefits of it.
Valentina works as Deshima’s shop manager, giving cooking classes; cooking workshops and Thai Yoga massage workshops. Her approach to macrobiotic cooking is: local and traditional with a Mediterranean touch.