Karel Becvar (Czech Republic/Netherlands),

Former student of Charles University of Medicine in Hradec Kralove, who left the conventional university in order to study and practice holistic medicine and to promote one’s personal responsibility for health, natural way of life and balanced, conscious diet. Karel was long time tofu, tempeh, seitan, natto, pastry & snack production manager and also the manager of the Deshima macrobiotic food, bookstore and mail order at the Kushi Institute of Europe. He graduated from the Art of Life School and other programs of the Kushi Institute in Netherlands and abroad, and in course of the last 25 years he furthered his understanding of human health and disease with various teachers and schools.

He is the current chef at Delicious Deshima Lunchroom and also gives cooking classes, Do-In exercise classes, lectures and presentations on health and sustainable living at the Kushi Institute in Amsterdam.