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Meet with participants from around the world, in the midst of nature, at the comfortable Hotel Guldenberg, Helvoirt, Holland




Yukiko Sato (Japan/USA),

Yukiko was trained at the Kushi Institute in Becket, USA. She has cooked in many kitchens, including her own vegan deli, and catered privately for many clients. She has an extensive knowledge in macrobiotics and whole foods cooking. Her passion for sugar-free vegan desserts led her to publish a cookbook titled THE PEACEFUL DESSERT BOOK: sugar-free vegan delights.
Yukiko grew up in Japan and started cooking at a young age helping out her mother. She loves cooking and is always looking for ways to expand her culinary repertoire. In hopes of inspiring people to make better dietary choices, she shares her vegan/macrobiotic recipes on her blog:




Cooking Classes


Japanese Cooking
In this class, you will learn some popular dishes from Japan, such as chirashi zushi (scattered rice salad) and tofu patties with kuzu glaze.


Salads and Spreads
This class will demonstrate some dishes that are great for picnics and casual lunches, such as sunflower seed pâté and eggless egg salad.


Summer Desserts
This class will explore light desserts that are wonderful for the summer, including strawberry kanten with cashew whipped cream.


Peaceful Desserts
This class will feature a few of the delightful treats from Yukiko’s first cookbook:
THE PEACEFUL DESSERT BOOK: sugar-free vegan delights.