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Hour to Hour Program
Art of Life School
Level I, II, III, IV

Macrobiotic Career Training Program
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Tomoko Amano (Japan),


Teacher at Kushi Institute of Japan and Kushi Macrobiotic Academy.

Founder and Teacher at Whole Foods Studio in Tokyo.
Author of two macrobiotic cookbooks.









Cooking Classes


•  Oriental Style Tempeh Dishes
Tempeh is a tasty and useful source of plant quality protein. In this class you will find new, creative ways of eating tempeh that are popular in Japan now.

The Wonderful “Dried Foods” World
Nice and easy way to use Oriental and Western dried foods such as dried tofu, daikon, fu, and many more.

Five Colour Rice Dishes
Brown rice dishes using colourful vegetables and other ingredients.

Shio-Koji (Salted Koji) Dishes
Shio-koji is a seasoning you can easily make at home, just using koji (the starter bacteria of miso and shoyu), and salt. It is a wonderful and very useful ingredient for adding the delicious and deep taste of fermented products to your dishes.

Snacks With Brown Rice Products
Home made snacks, using brown rice, are ideal for you sudden appetite or as a snack on the go: mochi, brown rice crispies, and more surprises of this simple food

Healthy food on the go/picnic
What a better way to celebrate the warm weather than to eat outside. There are so many delicious and enjoyable dishes that are easy to carry and bring with you to the beach/park or countryside. Sheri will show you an assortment of yummy dishes that you cant wait to pack up in that beautiful picnic basket!