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Tijn Touber (Netherlands)

Tijn Touber wrote several books on the art of enlightenment, all of which became bestsellers. This is not surprising as Tijn walks his talk and knows how to translate exotic and eastern philosophies into modern day life.

Tijn is founder of the popular Dutch band group Lois Lane, has written extensively on spirituality in different magazines and newspapers and lived a yogic life for over 14 years. He has taught meditation prisoners in prisons, the Amsterdam police force (30%), and in several large academic hospitals. Recently he initiated Stadsverlichting (Cities of Light), which became a huge success with some 500 households in Netherlands joining in for regular meditation.






•  Meditation Concert
Through songs, sounds and silence Kris and Tijn Touber lead us into an inner world of peace and stillness. They are both meditation teachers and their songs lead you fluently and effortlessly through the steps that lead to the eye of the storm. In the words of author and teacher Neale Donald Walsch: 'When I listen to the music of Tijn and Kris I go out of my mind for a few blessed moments. It becomes impossible to think. They take me to a place of beautiful quietude.

•  Crashcourse Enlightenment