Hour to Hour Program
Summer Conference 2014

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Hour to Hour Program
Art of Life School 2014

Macrobiotic Career Training Program
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Meet with participants from around the world, in the midst of nature, at the comfortable conference center Guldenberg, Helvoirt, Holland



Sheri Lynn DeMaris (USA),

has taught macrobiotic cooking, shiatsu, and philosophy for over 25 years. A guidance counsellor at a middle school in Pennsylvania, she is an activist for reform in school lunch programs and has spoken before school boards, school food service conferences, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She hosts and produces an alternative health TV show “Tea with Sheri” and a number of cooking TV videos for children.






Cooking Classes


Sumer Time Salads
Bring a blanket and basket and get ready for some surprising new salad dishes.  Designed to put a smile on your face and a skip to your step! Macrobiotics offers so many creative ideas for mixing and matching ingredients to help you cool off in the hot weather!


Amore Mio
My Love…. for Cooking!   And who does it better than the Italians!   Sheri will share some of her favorite Italian dishes prepared macrobiotically.  Come join this class for a relaxing, enjoyable fun meal.  And who knows you may start singing in Italian!


Healthy Lunches Happy Kids!
Join Sheri as she walks you thru all the delicious ways to create healthy items for your child’s lunch box.  Learn some new simple sandwich spreads, no sugar snack items and drinks so you can send your child off to school each day with a smile on their face!


Get Hip on Healing Foods
You have heard the phrase before Your Kitchen is Your Medicine Cabinet.  But what does that actually mean? Throughout this conference you will be introduced to healing ingredients in cooking class. But what is the real mystery as to how these work in the body and how do you develop your intuition in the kitchen to know how and when to use them?

Sheri will share information on the energetic properties of healing remedies and how they work in the body. She will provide you the tools to use and help you become a real alchemist in your kitchen. She will also teach you how to use your intuition when working with them so you can be able to creatively develop some on your own.

Cooking for a friend or family member going thru a health challenge can be difficult. This class is designed to give you some helpful pointers and recipes.