Hour to Hour Program
Summer Conference 2014

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Hour to Hour Program
Art of Life School 2014

Macrobiotic Career Training Program
Main Subjects





Meet with participants from around the world, in the midst of nature, at the comfortable conference center Guldenberg, Helvoirt, Holland



Jasmijn Rijkhof - Nelissen (Netherlands),

graduated in history from Leiden University. She specialized in the history of dairy consumption in Holland. he worked as a staff member at the Kushi Institute and travelled the world for one year with her husband. She recently received her certificate for teaching high school students. She teaches actively at the Kushi Institute of Europe and is the mother of daughter Kimiko and sons Limar and Otis








Sports and Macrobiotics
What to eat before, and what to eat after your workout. What foods give you the best results and prevent suffering or injuries, such as muscle acidity or a hunger attack? And how to rebuild your strength again afterwards?


Making a Smooth Transition to a Macrobiotic Lifestyle
How everyone can transform naturally into a healthy and happy person on his own speed. With practical advice and a list of foods like meat, cheese, sugar etc. and how to replace them for a healthy alternative.


Front and Back of Vaccinations
Which foods undermine your natural immunity, which foods and dishes strengthen your immunity on a natural way?
The harmful side effects of various vaccinations are known, but almost kept a secret. To know this information will help you to make a sensible decision, for yourself and your children, also during traveling.
There will be time for your personal questions.


Raising Healthy Kids
Raising children on the macrobiotic way: many practical advices for parents including children’s diseases, minor daily illnesses. Jasmijn will also explain the best alternatives for parties and school lunches.