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Jan Jicha (Czech Republic),

has studied macrobiotics for nearly half of his life. He graduated from the Charles University in Prague. Recently he works as a Grammar School teacher, translator, lecturer, writer, songwriter, musician, guide. His favorite occupation is geloto therapy, “laughter healing”. For 7 years he´s been the publisher and editor-in-chief of the only macrobiotic magazine in Central Europe, and is the only European author of macrobiotic fiction books, based on real stories. His autobiographic novel “Two Years Without Holiday“ became a bestseller in the Czech macrobiotic community. He lives with his wife and 3 children in the countryside, keeps a horse and a donkey.






•  History in the terms of yin-yang
Human history, traditionally spoken, is based on conflicts. If we apply our knowledge of energies, many historical facts become clear, logical, and even predictable. Let´s study the impact of Heaven and Earth energy on the process and results of the different well-known episodes of our past and how the changes of food patterns are directly connected to social and political changes in the world. The power-point examples will clearly show the evolution of nations according to the energies. 

•  Literature in the terms of yin-yang
This lecture displays the evolution of Euro-American literature from mythical until present times, showing the distinct tendency to follow a certain rhythm, easily interpretable in the terms of energies. There exist no mere coincidences in the development of human society or in its cultural expressions. Jan will explain, with the help of several famous literary works, the yin-yang impact of the waves of history and the shifts in nutrition.

•  Macrobiotics and Bible
For the civilization of the Western world, the Bible may serve as the basic macrobiotic textbook, and not just because the Jews and Christians have similar goals in life as Macrobiotics – harmony, love, and peace. The answer is hidden or even obvious in many books, stories, and verses of the Old and New Testament. In a limited time we shall get deeper just in the basic configurations of the world created (Genesis and some more episodes) and of the basis of Christianity (the Gospels, the Lord´s Prayer). We will see that without any violation of the Holy Script, we can observe an incredibly close relation of the basic western religions and the oriental philosophy of Great Life.