Hour to Hour Program
Summer Conference 2014

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Hour to Hour Program
Art of Life School 2014

Macrobiotic Career Training Program
Main Subjects





Meet with participants from around the world, in the midst of nature, at the comfortable conference center Guldenberg, Helvoirt, Holland



Horriah van Veen - Nelissen (Netherlands),

a life-long macrobiotic practitioner, is the mother of two daughters and one son. Horriah cooked for many of her friends during her study at the Haarlem Business School in Holland, where she met her husband. During a trip to Japan with Aveline and Michio Kushi, Horriah taught macrobiotic cooking to Japanese chefs at 5-star hotels who are now offering macro meals on their menus. Horriah is one of the principal cooking teachers at the Kushi Institute of Europe. Her cooking is very satisfying and excellent to maintain an active and sportive life.




Cooking Classes

Healing Sea Vegetable Dishes
Sea vegetables in relaxing salads and strengthening dishes and snacks. Hiziki, nori, wakame, kombu, just to name a few are very rich in all kind of minerals important for health. Learn to create delicious dishes of these wonderful foods.


Mediterranean Fish Dishes
Fish used with a Mediterranean touch. Italian fish tempura, Spanish fish paella and more…


Seducing Family and Friends into Macro Meals
Sometimes it is better not to talk but to cook delicious food everybody likes. Learn from Horriah to cook macro meals for the biggest meat eaters and the most difficult teenagers. You will receive nothing but compliments for these dishes.


Fresh Shakes and Desserts
Time to celebrate summer! Shakes and desserts for warm days, picnics and parties, with the use of fresh seasonal fruits, natural sweeteners and jellies.


Tempura Delights
Tempura is cheap, easy to prepare and most delicious, for young and old. Wieke will show the secrets of perfect dough, the best choice of vegetables and the most attractive cutting styles. Several dips will be prepared as well.


Pies, Cookies and Cakes
In this class you will learn the tricks you need to know to make the most wonderful pastries without sugar, eggs, milk etc. Horriah will use natural sweeteners and the best ingredients for all the cookies, pies and cakes you can eat. Distribute them among friend and family, they will be surprised by the good taste.