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Meet with participants from around the world, in the midst of nature, at the comfortable Hotel Guldenberg, Helvoirt, Holland




Francisco (Chico) Varatojo (Portugal),

studied macrobiotics in Boston with Michio Kushi and is director of the Macrobiotic Institute in Lisbon. He teaches macrobiotics in many countries in Europe and was for six years chairman of the International Macrobiotic Assemblee. Chico is known from his work in Portuguese prisons, teaching inmates macrobiotics, and from his attributions to TV programs, magazines and daily papers. He has 4 children and lives with his wife Eugenia in Lisbon








Food, Environment and Energy
Humanity is facing an immense crisis from a point of view of the health and of the environment. Most specialists recommend drastic changes in our way of life, if we want to leave a healthy planet to our children. Diet can help tremendously to make us move into a more positive direction, since many of the problems are related to diet and food production. In this lecture we will explore the basics of ecology, in order to better understand the relationship between humanity and the planet we live in.
Topics include:

  • Inner and outer ecology
  • The planet as a living organism
  • The relationship of diet and food production to environmental and energy problems.


Understanding Health and Sickness
Health and sickness are not static or fixed conditions, but rather processes that are in constant motion. In this lecture you will be able to understand what health and sickness mean as well as to make simple assessments of your health. We will discuss the main causes of disease and what to do, using natural processes, in order to maintain ourselves in the process of health or to reverse sickness.
This lecture should empower you to take your life and health into your hands, as we understand that each one of us is responsible for our well being.


Living Life Fully and with Purpose
Our lives are meant to be lives passionately and deliberately, so we can ultimately achieve freedom and happiness and live the life of our dreams.
However, education and way of life often inhibit our growth, creating prejudices and blockages that make us feel stagnated and not fully aware of our potential as human beings. This class, through the use of examples and exercises, aims to inspire you to move beyond your limitations, fear and guilt into another reality where the possibilities for growth are enormous.