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Meet with participants from around the world, in the midst of nature, at the comfortable conference center Guldenberg, Helvoirt, Holland




Alex Jack (USA),

a macrobiotic teacher, counsellor, and author for over 25 years, has written many books including The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health and The Cancer Prevention Diet with Michio Kushi, Aveline Kushi’s Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking, and The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Sound and Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit with Don Campbell.

He served as director of the Kushi Institute in the U.S. and is currently the president of Planetary Health/Amberwaves, a grassroots network devoted to preserving rice, millet, and other essential foods from the threat of genetic engineering and climate change. He offers information on macrobiotic health and healing at





Whole Grains Under Siege
As the popularity of whole grains and a plant-based diet spread, humanity’s principal food is coming under attack. Brown rice is said to be dangerously high in arsenic, wheat is thought to cause gluten intolerance, and much of the world’s corn crop has been genetically modified. This class will explore current dietary and agricultural trends and what you can do to preserve and protect the Staff of Life.


Arsenic & Brown Rice: Should I Be Worried?
Major scientific studies in the United States and Europe have found troubling levels of arsenic in brown rice and rice products and called for drastically reduced consumption. This class will examine this highly charged nutritional controversy and how we can protect against contamination of our food supply.


The Roots of Violence
The outbreak of mass shootings in the United States and other countries has many causes. But the root cause, the modern food pattern, has been almost entirely overlooked. This class will look at how extreme foods, as well as new drugs and psychiatric medications, are manufacturing this crisis and putting everyone at risk.


The Philosopher’s Stone
In alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone represented enlightenment and universal health and peace. This class will look at its manifestations in art, literature, and macrobiotic philosophy from ancient to modern times.


2013: What’s in Your Stars?
This year is the Year of the Snake and a 5 Soil year. Combining Oriental Astrology and Nine Star Ki, this class will look at the dynamic cycle of events unfolding in 2013 and how they affect personal and planetary destiny.


Macrobiotics Under the Microscope
Macrobiotics continues to be on the cutting edge of scientific and medical research. This class will review current studies, including the first clinical trial of the macrobiotic approach to breast cancer.





I Ching Workshop
The I Ching, or Chinese Book of Changes, is the authoritative text on the philosophy of yin and yang, a manual for divination, and a resource for historical and scientific research. Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, this workshop will take you deeper into the laws of balance and harmony.