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Summer Conference 2014

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Hour to Hour Program
Art of Life School 2014

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Meet with participants from around the world, in the midst of nature, at the comfortable conference center Guldenberg, Helvoirt, Holland

Frequently asked questions



  1. Is the place where the Summer Conference is held a facility of the Kushi Institute?
    The 3*** Conference Hotel Guldenberg and its surroundings where the Summer Conference has been held are unaffiliated with Kushi Institute.
    Just as all the participants of the Summer Conference, the staff of the Kushi Institute arrives at the same day at the location, and also leaves at  the same day, after cleaning the building.

  2. What are the facilities of the accommodation– rooms, tent?
    Accommodation possibilities vary according to our guests whishes.
    We have available 1 and 2 person bedrooms which are located directly at the conference center and which include shower, toilet, TV and Wi-Fi.
    A limited amount of places for the camping accommodation is available in a quiet area within walking distance from the conference center.
    Participants need to take care for their own sleeping equipment, including tent, sleeping bag, sleeping matraces, etc…
    Showers and toilets for camping participants are arranged on the ground floor of the conference center.
    The 4 person bedrooms are available as well, at the family farm located 3,6km from the conference center.
    These rooms have shared toilet en showers in de hallways.

  3. Can I arrive earlier or leave later than announced in the confirmation letter?
    The Conference Hotel Guldenberg is rent out to the Kushi Institute only for the period of August 3 - 15, 2014
    Participants 1st week
    Arrival: Sunday August 3, from 15:00 to 19.00h
    Departure: Saturday August 9, from 8:30 on
    Participants 2nd week
    Arrival: Saturday August 9, from 16:00 to 19.00h
    Departure: Friday August 15, 7.00h on
    Participants 2 weeks
    Arrival: Sunday August 3, from 15:00 to 19.00h
    Departure: Friday August 15, from 7:00 on

    It is unfortunately not possible to arrive/depart on other dates/times than announced above.
    For the accommodation possibilities near Guldenberg or Den Bosch see:

  4. Can I take a dog, cat or other pets with me?
    The policy of the hotel unfortunately does not allow any pets at the location.

  5. Can I use internet/ PC at the location?
    At the Conference Hotel is a special room with an internet PC and printer available. Furthermore, the hotel location has Wifi acces for wireless connection to the internet and your email.

  6. What are the telephone options at the location?
    You can receive a direct call into your room; regrettably you can not make phone calls from your room. An extra public phone is available as well. Most practical is to bring your own mobile phone and buy a Dutch SIM card when you enter the country.
    Tip: Do not forget to unblock your mobile for a different operator available abroad.

    Conference Hotel Guldenberg
    Telephone:        +31- 411- 642424
    Fax:                 +31- 411- 642432

  7. Is there a washing machine available at the location?
    There is unfortunately no possibility for the participants to use the washing machine. You can use the laundry service in Den Bosch.

  8. Can I rent a bicycle at the location?
    Yes. The Conference Hotel has many female and male bicycles available, together with tips for a bicycle tour. In case they are rented out, you can approach the close by (3km) bicycle rent De Rustende Jager, and make a reservation.

  9. What are the free time options/facilities near or at the Summer Conference location?
    There is a fitness room, the macrobiotic café De La Paix, with a terrace and a quiet reading corner. A Deshima shop, fully equipped, a dining room with a terrace. For the children there is a big play ground, a pool- en carambole billiard, in- and outdoor table tennis. The building has outdoor  terraces and an inviting patio with a water fountain. The Hotel is located amidst forest and fields for sport and other outdoor activities. The parking lot for cars is close to the building, but not interfering with the peaceful and safe atmosphere of the location. No public roads pass the building.

  10. What are the outdoor activities on Saturday August 9?
    This day is the day off for all participants – it is the changing day when participants from the first week are leaving and the participants for the second week are arriving. At breakfast time you will receive a lunch box and you can enjoy your free day.

    The surroundings of the Conference Hotel is ideal for  bicycle or walking trips - maps are available at the Conference Hotel  reception.
    Furthermore you can play tennis in Helvoirt, Loon op Zand or Hotel Vught.
    You can go swimming in the lake the Ijzerenman, make a canal boat tour in Den Bosch.
    You can enjoy shopping and summer sales in the nice cities or villages Den Bosch, Ooisterwijk or Tilburg.
    Horse riding in Vught and attraction park Efteling are ideal activities for families with children, as well as ice skating in the attraction park “Land van Ooit” in Drunen.
    For those who want to visit Amsterdam: you may ask for tourist information at the Tourist Office opposite the Central Station. A shuttle bus will be available to bring you to the train station of Den Bosch.

    Of course the The Kushi Institute’s Deshima Freshop and Lunch Service & Take Away are open. The address is Weteringschans 65, 1017 RX Amsterdam, tel.: +31-20-423 03 91
    Opening time on Saturday: 10.00-17.00h. From the Central Station reachable by tram no. 1, 2 or 5, stop Leidseplein.

  11. Will the Deshima shop and Lunch service in Amsterdam be open during the Summer Conference?
    Yes. The opening hours are:
    Monday – Friday            10.00-18.00h
    Saturday                       10.00-17.00h

  12. Can I make an order for Deshima products, either before or during my stay at the Summer Conference, in order to take it with me when I leave?
    If you like to make a large order, which you want to pick up at the Summer Conferece, please contact our office to recieve further information.

    Weteringschans 65
    1017 RX Amsterdam
    tel: +31-20-6257513