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Palm Healing has been practiced by many traditional cultures around the world. It can help to relieve pain and blockages, alleviate emotional imbalances, and support healing by using the energy streaming from the hands. Palm Healing, also known as laying on of hands, has been used by physicians, midwives, and healers in the Middle East, India, China, and other regions to engage the universal life energy force to energize body, mind, and spirit. Today, there are many variations of this technique, including Reiki, Sotai, and Therapeutic Touch.


What to Expect

What distinguishes macrobiotic Palm Healing is that the practitioner is trained in both Western anatomy and physiology as well as the traditional Eastern system of energy flow through the meridians and charkas. The practitioner is also experienced in macrobiotic dietary practice and principles of healing. It is beneficial for anyone with a specific health concern or questions about their physical condition and for those in usual good health who would like a stimulating, refreshing, vibrational treatment. It is also recommended for those with serious illnesses and chronic conditions, especially those in which medicinal foods and drinks, and physical compresses or other remedies, are not sufficient enough due to extreme weakness or hardened obstructions. Palm Healing is a very powerful method and can lead to a breakthrough in the healing process.

The sessions take half an hour or an hour and can be combined with a Shiatsu treatment. Loose fitting cotton clothes (such as sweats or yoga shirt and pants) are recommended and may be changed at the office before the session.

The Palm Healing session takes place at our office in central Amsterdam, easily reachable by public transport. Sessions are also available during the international study weeks that take place in Amsterdam or during the summer conference.

A Personal Health and Way of Life Consultation is recommended to follow up Palm Healing, especially for those with health concerns. For further development, we recommend you read books and articles on macrobiotics or take the following courses: Art of Life School


Booking an Appointment

Please contact the office to book an appointment or for information on costs and special arrangements.


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Note: The Kushi Institute of Europe’s programs and services, as well as information on the Kushi Institute of Europe’s web pages, are educational in nature and are not intended to take the place of personalized medical counselling, diagnosis, or treatment.