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The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is the common source for Confucianist and Taoist philosophy and has been called the most sublime product of the human mind and spirit. Originating in China over five thousand years ago, the I Ching is used internationally today as an oracle and guide to wisdom in daily life, insight into relationships and patterns of change, and moral and spiritual development.


What to Expect

Consulting the I Ching involves formulating a question or inquiry, typically on a personal or family concern involving relationships, health, career, finances, change of residence, travel, etc. The practitioner then creates a traditional symbolic diagram (known as a hexagram, made up of six yin and yang lines) mirroring your specific concern and interpreting the guidance offered. The session usually takes about an hour and may involve an in depth discussion with the practitioner to fully unlock the dynamics of your situation and find strategies to harmonize with coming changes.

As the psychoanalyst Carl Jung explained in his introduction to the standard European translation of the text, the I Ching enables us to access our highest consciousness beyond time and space and harmonize with unfolding events.

In addition to personal or family sessions, private tutorials are available to beginners on how to use the I Ching. Individual or group classes on I Ching symbolism, interpretation, methodologies, and spiritual development also may be arranged for intermediate or advanced students.

The I Ching session takes place at our office in central Amsterdam, easily reachable by public transport. In the event you cannot come to Amsterdam, the practitioner may be available to visit you in person. In some cases, it is also possible to have a session in written form or by email. Consultations are also available during the international study weeks that take place in Amsterdam or during the summer conference.

For personal development, we recommend you read books and articles on macrobiotics, or take part in the following: Art of Life School, Art of Cooking School, Women’s Health, Public Workshops or Lectures.


Booking an Appointment

Please contact the office to book an appointment or for information on costs and special arrangements.


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Note: The Kushi Institute of Europe’s programs and services, as well as information on the Kushi Institute of Europe’s web pages, are educational in nature and are not intended to take the place of personalized medical counselling, diagnosis, or treatment.