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Are you, your family, friends or colleagues living and eating in a healthy manner? Is your food consistently delicious and dynamic? Is there enough scope and variety in your cooking? Do you have a common condition or chronic disorder that medical treatment fails to relieve? Are you experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual problems that might have a dietary foundation?


What to Expect

Group health and way of life consultations can help to maintain an optimal feeling well-being, revealing how the healing power of food can be used to improve sickness or chronic disease. During a consultation, you will review your lifestyle, eating habits, health problems, and goals with an experienced macrobiotic teacher and counsellor. Our counsellors are trained in diagnostic methods from Eastern and Western traditions that can often identify imbalances long before they appear in standard health examinations.

A group health consultation can be arranged for a group of approximately 10-15 people and takes about 3 - 4 ½ hours. The first part of the consultation will be used to explain the basic macrobiotic dietary guidelines and philosophy. After that, each person will have about 15 minutes to discuss their personal questions with the counsellor before the entire group. These consultations are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced macrobiotic practitioners, since this consultation setting enables the participants to observe and learn from each other.

The consultation takes place at our office in central Amsterdam, easily reachable by public transport. Group consultations can also take place at your home, during study weeks in Amsterdam or abroad.

For personal development, we recommend you read books and articles on macrobiotics, or take part in the following: Art of Life School, Art of Cooking School, Women’s Health, Public Workshops or Lectures.


Booking an Appointment

Please contact the office to book an appointment or for information on costs and special arrangements.


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Note: The Kushi Institute of Europe’s programs and services, as well as information on the Kushi Institute of Europe’s web pages, are educational in nature and are not intended to take the place of personalized medical counselling, diagnosis, or treatment.