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Are you celebrating a special event, with your family, friends or local social group? Are you getting engaged, married, having a birthday, commemorating an anniversary, celebrating the arrival of a baby or holding a banquet for loved ones? Is your company, fitness group, sporting club, or other social organisation celebrating an achievement? Are you arranging a large-scale function for your business or organisation?


The experienced cooks from the Kushi Institute of Europe and Deshima restaurant can cater for your special occasion, providing colourful macrobiotic meals, snacks, pastries, desserts and drinks.


The staff can design a menu specifically for your event, taking into account personal suggestions and specific dietary requirements. Depending on your situation, this menu can be prepared and supplied on location, or alternatively, at Deshima restaurant, which is available for hire (max. capacity 40 people, childeren welcome). Live music can also be organised.



Booking an Appointment

Please contact the office to book an appointment or for information on costs and special arrangements.


The Kushi Institute of Europe office
Tel +31-20-6257513
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Note: The Kushi Institute of Europe’s programs and services, as well as information on the Kushi Institute of Europe’s web pages, are educational in nature and are not intended to take the place of personalized medical counselling, diagnosis, or treatment.