Wieke Nelissen is a leading cooking teacher in the international macrobiotic community and has been an active teacher for over 30 years.
She has written many articles for various macrobiotic publications, and designed many original dishes.
Her recipes are characterized by
simplicity and are easy to prepare, tasty, colorful and family-oriented.
Since 1978, Wieke has been the co-director of the Kushi Institute of Europe, together with her husband Adelbert Nelissen. They have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.


Wieke can be contacted by email: wieke@macrobiotics.nl




Onion Shoyu or Tamari Pickle

designed by Wieke Nelissen



September 26

You need for a glass jar of 1 litre

  • 8 onions, fi nely sliced
  • 1 ½ cups water, mixed with
  • ½ cup shoyu or tamari


Place the onions in the glass jar, pressing well. Add the mixture of the shoyu or tamari and the water and cover the onions with this liquid. Cover the jar with a piece of cloth and let it rest on a cool place: a cool cellar or a fridge. After 10 days you can start to eat the pickle, 1 tablespoon per day.




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