Theme weekend program

Study Weekend Reflections on & Practices for
Body, Mind & Spirit


with Adelbert Nelissen


December 12 – 15 
Thursday 5.00 pm till Sunday 5.00 pm
The Kushi Institute of Europe, Amsterdam


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We hope you will find time, even before this upcoming busy Christmas and New Year period, to join this 4 days program.These days will take place in an ambiance of quietness in order to study and reflect topics what we consider as spiritual dimensions of human beings.
You will eat clean and simple food, 150x chewed in silence.
Simple but powerful exercises and mantra sessions will be conducted.
With practical advices, solving emotional and spiritual stagnation and so enhance a growing awareness and clarity for your spiritual goals in life.


For the last 40 years Adelbert studied the universal and spiritual dimensions of human beings with spiritual world teacher Michio Kushi, Yomyo Tanaka (Buddhist master in Shingun Black Hat Buddhism), and with many other illustrious teachers of Taoism, Shinto, Buddhism and the Celtic, Gnostic and Greek Philosophy and Healing Art. He graduated in Classical Chinese Acupuncture.


Adelbert is well known for his practical, original and inspiring way of teaching.
He is one of the most experienced counselors in macrobiotics of this moment.
Monday December 16, Adelbert will also be available for private consultation sessions.





Thursday December 12 evening lecture:

Man as a spiritual phenomena


Friday December 13

What and where are mind and spirit
The origin and destiny of mankind
Far-Eastern psychological diagnosis
Emotional and psychological stagnations
The difference between emotional, sentimental and social consciousness
Elementary spiritual exercises and mantra’s


Saturday December 14

Are we able to change our karma
What is intuition
How to develop a clear vision
Spiritual causes of illness
The various spiritual characters
Discussions on God, freedom and democracy
Spiritual exercises and mantra’s


Sunday December 15

The three types of reincarnation
Discussions on love, desire and fulfillment
Spirituality of male and female
Spiritual exercises and mantra’s
Cooking class: Cooking for spiritual clearness



Daily schedule



17.00 – 18.00 Arrival, registrations
18.00 – 19.15 Dinner  *
19.30 – 21.00 Introduction lecture


Friday, Saturday

07.30 – 08.30 Do-in
08.45 – 10.00 Chanting
10.15 – 11.45 Lecture
11.45 – 13.30 Lunch  *
14.30 – 15.30 Group discussion
16.00 – 18.00 Lecture and chanting
18.00 – 19.00 Dinner  *



08.00 – 09.00 Do-in
09.30 – 11.00 Cooking class
11.00 – 13.00 Lunch  *
13.00 – 14.00 Groep discussion
14.00 – 15.00 Chanting
15.30 – 17.00 Lecture
17.00             Farewell & Departure


Please wear natural cotton clothes

* chewing as meditation, 150x every mouthful


€ 325 incl. classes, study guide and certificate of completion, accommodation (free of charge availability limited), all meals are of the best macrobiotic, vegan quality. 2nd person 10% discount, 25% discount for Art of Life School students of 2013


Prices include
Classes, study material, warm macrobiotic meals, accommodation (limited) in 2-3 person bedroom. Your registration is final after receiving your non refundable down payment of Euro 50

Classes are English spoken


Your registration is final after receiving your registration form and non refundable down payment of 50 Euro.


Refunds & Cancellation Policy
In case of cancellation, more than 2 weeks prior to a course, full refund is granted except for the non-refundable down payment. Less than two weeks prior to a course, or if interrupting a course, no refund is possible. This policy is valid for all educational programs, including the Study Training Program.


Spiritual Seminar weekend is 1 of the 3 Fascinating Study Weekends with Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen.


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Spiritual Seminar registration form





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