YEAR 2012










Personal & Global Predictions
for 2012 and 21th Century


with Adelbert Nelissen


February 2 – 5
The Kushi Institute of Europe, Amsterdam


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2012 – Metal 6 Year


Short Personal Predictions
Fire 9 may experience a radical shift. For Soil 8 it will be a good time to open up on social level and help others. Metal 7 should simplify in everything they undertake. Home sweet home is the credo for Metal 6. A more practical continuation of things started in 2011 will help Soil 5. For Tree 4 the best destiny is a new beginning. Tree 3 should make serious commitments and invest in steady friendships. Soil 2 will experience spiritual growth and it will be a good time for self reflection.For Water 1 it will be a year to flourish and celebrate their qualities.

In 2012, each of us will move into a different 9-Star position. Discover exactly what influences the new year will bring to you – including which plans are likely to succeed, and which actions to avoid. Learn the most promising months for your relations, your health, travel, finances and career. This seminar will help prepare you on many levels for the year to come. A special class will be conducted on 9 Star Ki in a broader scope: the cycle of 81 years from 1955 till 2036.

€295 per weekend, 2nd person 20% discount
In combination with 2 or more of the 3 fascinating study weekends 20% discount.
Prices include classes, study material, warm macrobiotic meals, accommodation (limited) in 2-3 person bedroom. Your registration is final after receiving your non refundable down payment of Euro 50
Classes are English spoken


Your registration is final after receiving your registration form and non refundable down payment of 50 Euro.


In case of cancellation more than 2 weeks prior to a course, full refund is granted except for the non-refundable down payment. Less than two weeks prior to a course or if interrupting a course, no refund is possible.

The 9 Star Ki Astrology weekend is 1 of the 3 Fascinating Study Weekends with Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen.
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 The 5 transformations

 The The Way to Health, Vitality & Strenght


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Each additional weekend you take will receive a 20% discount for you as well as a second person.


For information in Dutch see: 9 Star Ki


What is 9 Star Ki

The 9 Star Ki is a very old astrological system finding its basis in the I Ching and in the Aztec calendar, which describes people in 9 star types:

Flexible 1 Water
Friendly 2 Soil
Romantic 3 and 4 Tree
Balanced 5 Soil
Disciplined 6 and 7 Metal
Visionary 8 Soils
Passionate 9 Fire



YEAR 2012

Learn about your relations
Nine Star Ki can be seen as a comprehensive system that represents a synthesis between the great current of celestial energies (the Ten Heavenly Influences) and the reoccurring earthly cycle of Twelve Earthly Influences. In between the energetic influence of Heaven and Earth the Nine Star Ki represents the human order. The ten celestial influences plus the twelve earthly influences produce Nine energy changes. This is the traditional study of Nine Star Ki astrology.


Why things happen the way they do?
Nine Star Ki Astrology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and personal growth. Ki Astrology is based on the ebb and flow of energy, and the influence of these cycles on our personal energetic nature. If you are interested in knowing why things happen to you the way they do, and why certain themes and situations keep coming up, Ki Astrology offers practical explanations. Know yourself is this program’s theme. Understanding energetic is our tool.


Learn about your relations
Working with Nine Star Ki you will be surprised by the amazing accuracy of this system. You will begin to discover why you relate easily to some people and why you feel overruled by others. And in the field of career which job position suits you best and how to make favourable career decisions. Most interesting is that you will learn how to apply the Nine Star Ki astrology onto your personal relationships. Learn who your ideal partner is, why to some of your family members you relate so much more easy than to others, why the nature of your relationships differs according to the birth years of the persons involved, how emotional imbalances may have arisen in childhood and how to correct them.


Travel and health
Nine Star Ki can also be applied to the field of travel: when and in which direction it is best to travel (or not to travel), what you can do to avoid possible danger in traveling. Furthermore you can learn about your health (f.e. in which years you have to be aware of which possible illnesses); your love life and family relationship; success in career and work, what is the best time to change jobs, to make plans or to materialize plans.


Global affairs
On a planetary scale Nine Star Ki can be applied in the fields of economy (f.e. how the economy will fluctuate in a given period of time), politics (f.e. what will be the emphasis of politics year per year or in a certain area and in which year war or peace are most likely to occur), history (how to understand history as a continuous changing process according to the universal laws of nature), geology (f.e. where and when the occurrence of earthquakes is most likely) and oriental geomancy (Feng Shui). Through the study of Nine Star Ki you will begin to discover your spiritual destiny and origin.


About the teacher
Adelbert Nelissen is the director of the Kushi Institute of Europe.
As a well known and much appreciated macrobiotic teacher and counselor he teaches for over 30 years in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. He is one of the pioneers in the natural food movement and introduced in the Netherlands under the trade mark Manna hundreds of products such as pumpkin, daikon, tofu, tempeh, seitan, sourdough bread, various bread spreads and Japanese specialties.
On educational level he introduced i.e. Shiatsu, Feng Shui, Nine Star Ki Astrology, Palm Healing (Reiki) and developed various educational programs in this field. The unique program “Women’s Health” he presented, together with his wife Wieke, in many different countries, with much success. They both supervise the all-round macrobiotic leadership program “the Art of Life School”.
For the last 30 years Adelbert studied the universal and spiritual dimensions of human beings with spiritual world teacher Michio Kushi, Yomyo Tanaka (Buddhist master in Shingun Black Hat Buddhism), and with many other illustrious teachers of Taoism, Shinto, Buddhism and the Celtic, Gnostic and Greek Philosophy and Healing Art.
He graduated in Classical Chinese Acupuncture. Adelbert is well known for his practical, original and inspiring way of teaching. He is one of the most experienced counselors in macrobiotics of this moment.



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