Macrobiotics in the 21th century


Modern and traditional
Today's macrobiotic practice is the only dynamic modern interpretation of the traditional way of life of humanity. The health properties of the modern macrobiotic diet are confirmed by some of today's most foremost nutritional scientists. Read more about the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle.


A healthy lifestyle and natural prevention against civilization diseases
Following a modern natural macrobiotic lifestyle may provide you with dynamic health at the same time this lifestyle is probably the most sure thing you can do as a prevention against modern civilization diseases like cancer and heart disease. Read more about macrobiotics and health.


Dynamic and flexible
Macrobiotic practice is constantly being renewed, adjusted to changing individual needs and the constantly changing environment. Macrobiotic philosophy and practice are based on the continuous dynamic interaction of two basic universal forces. A centripetal force, traditionally called yang and a centripetal force called yin. Yin and yang energies constantly intertwine and thus create all phenomena. Read more about yin and yang.


Macrobiotics is for everyone
Currently millions of people around the globe, follow an individually adjusted macrobiotic lifestyle. Among them are more rich and more poor people; famous and common people; families and singles; colored and white; people with various religious backgrounds; city dwellers as well as country boys and girls; healthy as well as sick people; young and old; men, women and children, all with a common interest in achieving natural health and peace. Read more about macrobiotic practice.


The dream of One Peaceful World
A natural macrobiotic lifestyle is the most sure way to a peaceful world. You do not have to wait for politicians to finally get smart. You do not have to start a campaign. You can start a peaceful revolution now. All by yourself. In your kitchen. Read more about the universal human dream of One Peaceful World and the relation between diet, peace and war.


The price of freedom
Freedom is everyone's natural birthright. According to macrobiotic philosophy each individual has total freedom and total responsibility for himself. There can be no freedom without responsibility. Read more anout the unifying philosophy of complementary antagonistic energies.


Macrobiotics is for free!
Macrobiotic philosophy is free of charge. It costs nothing. Just as the sun rises. The macrobiotic diet is based on grains, season's vegetables and fruits, beans, seeds, natural seasonings and drinks of mostly organic quality. Compared to the costs of the modern Western dietary practice it is very affordable. Click here to go to the recipes department of this site. And here to go to the natural foods mail order pricelist.


The most environment friendly lifestyle
Practicing a macrobiotic lifestyle is probably of all known regular and alternative lifestyles the most environment friendly. Macrobiotic theory teaches that we are a product of our environment. That is why we should care. Read more about natural lifestyle and environment.


A simple compass in a complex world
Macrobiotics provides us with the compass that our ancestors have used time and again to determine their direction in an ever changing world. The compass is called intuition. Macrobiotic practice will step by step reveal your native intuition. Your intuition will guide you to your natural destiny. Read more about macrobiotic philosophy and practice.


Don't worry, be happy
To be happy and healthy is only natural.