Hospital Sponsors Miso Happy Club



The Miso Happy Cooking Club, Oncology Support Program at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, New York, meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Cancer Support House. “With macrobiotics, there’s a structure and awareness and thought process that you bring to what you’re putting in your body,” Shawn Harrison, owner of the nearby Mudita Yoga Center, says. “It’s had obvious positive effects on my health. I feel balanced and relaxed, which brings a sense of peace and ease.”

“When I’m following the diet less closely, I don’t feel as well, said Constance Rudd, a retired court stenographer from Kingston. “I have less energy and am more fatigued, and I get more headaches. It also affects my mood. Macrobiotics has definitely improved my outlook. When I’m following it, my moods are much more even.”

In a recent hand out, the Club recommended for breakfast millet with rice porridge with toasted sunflower seeds and steamed savoy cabbage with carrots; for lunch, miso soup topped with grated mochi, couscous with broccoli, nishime parsnip and buttercup squash, blanched kale, and radish pickles; and for dinner a light shoyu broth, brown rice with adzuki beans, arame with onions, carrot, and roasted almonds, marinated tofu, burdock and carrot kinpira, pressed salad, and apple kanten. For more information, call 001-845-339-2071.