Nine Star Ki

Nine Star Ki is an ancient system of astrology. It is actually the system underlying the I Ching and Aztec Calendar and other ancient cosmologies.

Nine Star Ki astrology was introduced by Michio Kushi in the seventies in Boston as a part of the incredible range of subjects he has been and is still lecturing on. Of all the exciting studies that Michio introduced, the study of Nine Star Ki became one of the most popular. Nine Star Ki proves to be a very accurate guide to the endless movement of Ki, or life energy, in nature and human affairs. Originating from the law of eternal change it shines a clarifying light on past events and future probabilities and is surprisingly accurate in predicting individual and social destiny.

magic square


In Nine Star Ki human beings are, according to their birth date, divided into
Nine star types:


  • flexible 1 Water
  • gentle 2 Soil
  • romantic 3 and 4 Trees
  • balanced 5 Soil
  • disciplined 6 and 7 Metals
  • visionary 8 Soil
  • passionate 9 Fire

Learn about your relations
Working with Nine Star Ki you will be surprised by the amazing accuracy of this system. You will begin to discover why you relate easily to some people and why you feel overruled by others. And in the field of career which job position suits you best and how to make favorable career decisions. Most interesting is that you will learn how to apply the Nine Star Ki astrology onto your personal relationships. Learn who your ideal partner is, why to some of your family members you relate so much more easy than to others, why the nature of your relationships differs according to the birth years of the persons involved, how emotional imbalances may have arisen in childhood and how to correct them.


Travel and health
Nine Star Ki can also be applied to the field of travel: when and in which direction it is best to travel (or not to travel), what you can do to avoid possible danger in traveling.

Furthermore you can learn about your health (f.e. in which years you have to be aware of which possible illnesses); your love life and family relationship; success in career and work, what is the best time to change jobs, to make plans or to materialize plans.


Global affairs
On a planetary scale Nine Star Ki can be applied in the fields of economy (f.e. how the economy will fluctuate in a given period of time), politics (f.e. what will be the emphasis of politics year per year or in a certain area and in which year war or peace are most likely to occur), history (how to understand history as a continuous changing process according to the universal laws of nature), geology (f.e. where and when the occurrence of earthquakes is most likely) and oriental geomancy (Feng Shui).

Through the study of Nine Star Ki you will begin to discover your spiritual destiny and origin.


Nine Star Ki and Feng Shui
Nine Star Ki and Feng Shui share the same origin; both arts describe the movement of Ki in human affairs. In both Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki Astrology understanding and working with the magic square plays a key-role. Feng Shui is more applied in the field of architecture, interior- and landscape design, but can also be applied in the fields of geology, economics and politics.


Origin of Nine Star Ki
Nine Star Ki can be seen as a comprehensive system that represents a synthesis between the great current of celestial energies (the Ten Heavenly Influences) and the reoccurring earthly cycle of Twelve Earthly Influences. In between the energetic influence of Heaven and Earth the Nine Star Ki represents the human order. The ten celestial influences plus the twelve earthly influences produce Nine energy changes. This is the traditional study of Nine Star Ki astrology.


Why do things happen the way they do?
Nine Star Ki Astrology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and personal growth. Ki Astrology is based on the ebb and flow of energy, and the influence of these cycles on our personal energetic nature. If you are interested in knowing why things happen to you the way they do, and why certain themes and situations keep coming up, Ki Astrology offers practical explanations. Know yourself is this program's theme. Understanding energetics is our tool. The goal is a rich, rewarding life

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