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The March 1, 2011 Tsunami followed by a nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan has an enormous influence on the Japanese social life, infrastructure and economy.


Our Japanese friends, students, teachers and business partners and their relatives are with no harm.
Together with many other Dutch musicians, our classic Deshima Trio gave several benefit concerts where the total income went to the Japanese Red Cross Society.


Many users of Japanese macrobiotic products are worried. We contacted our main supplier Muso Co. Ltd. company for feedback on the ingredients, production and water safety. None of their suppliers are even close from the area of disaster, hundreds kilometers away from that area, as you can see on the map.


After an intensive preparation in the last 2 months, every supplier of Muso is equipped with the necessary technical tools to control every ingredient and final product to guaranty Deshima products radiation safety.
The first containers which were shipped after March 11 and arrived in the Rotterdam harbor are controlled by the Dutch customs with results on radiation under 5 Bq ( Becquerel ).
The legal maximum doses is 500 Bq / s−1.



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