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Deshima Brand Products in a New Style

Deshima is a macrobiotic quality food company of the Kushi Institute of Europe.
Since April all Deshima brand products have a beautiful new label!
Come and have a look at the shop in Amsterdam.

Due to our new order and invoice system we would like to friendly inform you about the following:

All your orders need to be placed and paid through our new website, there you can see the      most update mail order assortment, prices and availability.
All your orders need to be paid ahead before the shipment will take place


Please contact our office for the further information or if you need help to place an order at:


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To Order:


Europe's number one supplier of over 1500 high quality organic food products, all of Macrobiotic quality. Our fine products are available worldwide through our Mail order delivery service, featuring fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, 20 types of rice, 30 whole cereals and cereal products
and 22 types of beans. Over 50 Japanese and Italian organic noodles & pastas, seaweeds, nuts, seeds,
snacks and over 250 Japanese macrobiotic specialties. We carry a large selection of kitchen ware and
high quality Japanese ceramics, as well as hundreds of books on Macrobiotics and related subjects,
available in various languages including English, French, German & Dutch.







Shop / Mail Order / Lunch Service

Weteringschans 65
1017 RX Amsterdam, NL
Tel. shop: + 31- 20 - 4230391
Tel. lunch service: + 31- 20 - 6269933
Tel. mail order: + 31- 20 - 6257513

Business hours:
Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 18.00h
Saturday: 10.00 - 17.00h
(except mail order)


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