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Level 1 Personal Awareness and Healthcare Training
Level 2 Personal and Social Awareness and Healthcare Studies
Level 3 a & b Personal, Social and Global Awareness and Healthcare Studies



The Art of Cooking and Food Processing
Learn how to cook delicious, healthy and wholesome menus. The Art of Life School offers demonstration cooking classes, with a specific topic for each class. Level I includes more basic classes such as: soups, grains, beans, seaweed, and different vegetable cooking styles. In Levels II and III we introduce more advanced subjects like medicinal dishes, cooking for specific conditions (i.e. allergies or cancer). Hands-on cooking workshops are part of the program, almost daily.


The Principles of Oriental Diagnosis
In these lively classes you will learn the basics of "how to see your health." We will teach you the integral theory based on the yin and yang principles that originated with the ancient practice of Oriental Diagnosis. A person's physical features reveal his constitution and condition. What you can observe by seeing (as well as hearing, smelling, touching and feeling) is an expression of the inner constitution and condition of organs and tissues, as well as a reflection of someone's past. We are the living books of our history. By understanding the principles of Oriental diagnosis you can start to read these ‘books'. You will learn all about constitution and condition, ancestral influence and the meaning of the dates of conception and birth. Also, the influence of physical, social and cultural environments, the influence of the food that was eaten by the mother during pregnancy and the food that was eaten during the growing period. In workshops you will have a chance to practice your diagnostic skills with your fellow students. In shiatsu classes you will learn diagnosis by touching and application of acupressure.


Macrobiotic Health Care and Home Remedies
The macrobiotic health care classes have strong links to diagnosis and cooking classes. In macrobiotics, the understanding of health and sickness is different than that of western medicine. You will learn what is good health, what is sickness and how it is created. You will learn about the connection between your diet and your health condition. You will then be able to see the dietary causes of illnesses, through an understanding of yin and yang and the energetic quality of the food we take in.

You will learn to see how we unknowingly create cancer, heart disease, allergies, asthma, arthritis and other conditions and how to change illness into good health. You will learn about the different dietary needs of men, women, children and the elderly, as well as the effects of vaccinations and medications.


Shiatsu Massage
Practical hands-on classes in the ancient art of massage. Shiatsu (literal translation: finger pressure) originated from the oldest human art of massage and means: the manual channeling and harmonization of the Ki-life force. Like acupuncture, it involves stimulating and unblocking the invisible pathways which channel energy throughout the body: the meridians and chakras. The body's energies can become blocked or stagnated through the accumulation of mucus, fats, or toxins in the blood, organs or joints. This is commonly experienced as stiffness or pain. Blockages are caused by dietary imbalances, a lack of proper activity, lifestyle habits and mental problems. They interfere with the flow of energy and contribute to illness. Shiatsu massage techniques use hands, fingertips and feet. The basic techniques are simple and can be learned in a few hours. With practice and study, the student can develop his or her ability and make massage into a comprehensive and effective healing art. Shiatsu can be done anytime and anyplace. It is effective to use on both children and adults.


Do-In Exercises
Every morning you are invited to join the Do-in exercise class. Do-in is a combination of meridian stretching exercises, breathing exercises, Ki-energy exercises and self massage. It is a centuries old practice of exercise and self-massage that promotes rejuvenation and longevity and it is a great way to start the day. After Do-in you will feel relaxed but energized, ready for whatever the day may bring and naturally hungry for a breakfast. It's better than coffee!

Palm Healing workshop
Our hands have the power to heal. From the beginning of history, humans have used this natural ability. Everyone knows the power of touch. A friend or relative places a hand on you shoulder and immediately a feeling of reassurance flows through you. A child cries and we place a hand on her back to give a feeling of calm and comfort. We do this even without thinking, instinctively using our healing ability. By following some simple rules and basic principles, you can learn to use this wonderful universal practice.


Philosophy and the Order of the Universe
Where do we come from and what is our destiny? What is life? What is the meaning of yin and yang? What is food? What is the meaning of life? Why is the sky blue and the grass green? What is the order in all that we experience? What is the connection between all visible and invisible phenomena? Why do we create war? What is peace? What is health? These and other questions are the subjects in the classes on macrobiotic philosophy. Your view of life may be fundamentally changed during these classes, as you start to develop a subtle understanding of these basic principles.

Macrobiotic theory is also very practical – you can apply it on anything at any given time, in order to solve problems, make decisions and understand the nature of your surroundings.



Graduation Requirements
A Certificate of Completion is awarded after the completion of each Level.
In order to receive a certificate participants must not miss more than 3 classes per level, and must pass all tests.


There is testing in all core subject material, which includes a combination of multiple choice, essays, and oral presentations. In addition for cooking and shiatsu tests participants must demonstrate their capability in these fields.
At the end of each Level there is a final multiple-choice test evaluation.


Re-examination, if needed, can be taken on the dates discussed on a personal request.


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