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Level 1

September 22 - October 4, 2019


Intensive professional 12 days training program
Personal Awareness and Health Care Studies



Cooking classes

  • Introduction to macrobiotic cooking. How to choose your food
    The use of fire and salt. Making of the gomasio, miso soup, brown rice
  • Cereal dishes. A variety of cooking and cutting styles for vegetables Yin and Yang in vegetables and grains
  • Beans, bean products and sea vegetables
  • Light snacks and desserts. Transition to a macrobiotics way of eating

Workshop Ginger Compress

  • How to make, application, contraindication, different positions

Cooking Workshops

  • Ideal kitchen design, material, basic utensils. Sharpening knives demonstration
  • Roasting seeds. Making gomasio
  • Pickles & pressed salads
  • Making miso soup, shoyu bouillon. Grain dishes. Pressed salad
  • Macrobiotic home remedies and drinks
  • Dinner cooking, including bean dish, sea vegetables, deep-frying, wok style vegetables and kinpira vegetables, dessert
  • Dinner cooking, including nishime style vegetables, tofu or tempeh dish, green vegetables, dessert

Do-In exercises

  • Do-In of head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands
  • Do-In of chest, belly and legs and feet
  • Morning, evening, body towel and meridian exercises
  • Hara and breathing exercises
  • Correction exercises
  • Whole body Do-In / mantra‚Äôs & meditation
  • Nordic Walking (optional)
  • Alexander Technique (optional)

Order of the Universe classes

  • Introduction to the macrobiotic way of life and eating
  • The Order of the Universe
  • How to eat according to our evolution
  • How to eat according to climate and seasons
  • How to eat according to your personal circumstances

Visual Diagnosis classes

  • The way and meaning of Visual Diagnosis
  • The constitution of man and woman
  • Diagnosis of posture, breathing and movement
  • Diagnosis of the face
  • Diagnosis of meridian points
  • Applied Visual Diagnosis on each other

Macrobiotic Healing & Healthcare classes

  • Origins of the Standard Macrobiotic Diet
  • The effects of extreme foods. Transition to a macrobiotic life style. Practice of macrobiotics in daily life
  • The 7 conditions of health
  • The 7 stages of illness related to food
  • Evaluation of each personal health condition, Q & A

Shiatsu massage classes

  • Introduction to shiatsu massage. What is shiatsu, Ki and Meridians
    Breathing and posture exercises
  • Massage of head, neck and shoulders, to release tightness, headache and stress
    Stimulation of appetite and vitality
  • Introduction to back and belly massage
  • Massage of shoulders, arms and hands
  • Massage of hips, legs and feet
  • Whole body massage



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