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Adelbert Nelissen

Adelbert Nelissen is the educational director of the Kushi Institute of Europe and one of the pioneers in the natural food movement of Western Europe. Adelbert has over 40 years of experience in macrobiotics and has extensively studied classical Chinese acupuncture in Holland, the UK, China and Japan. Adelbert counsels and educates individuals and families toward a macrobiotic way of life on many levels: health, diet, exercises and shiatsu, 9 star ki astrology and spiritual development. His lectures are exciting, full of humour, eye opening and practical. Adelbert is the father of 5 children and has 8 grandchildren.

Wieke Nelissen

Wieke Nelissen is the co-director of the Kushi Institute of Europe, together with her husband Adelbert. Wieke has been teaching macrobiotic cooking, women's health and family health all over Europe for more than 30 years. She is the author of several columns on cooking for Amberwaves (USA) and Das Grosse Leben (Germany), as well as the Summer Conference Cookbook. Her classes are very practical, focusing on quick, dynamic and tasty dishes for better health. Wieke is the mother of 5 children and has 8 grandchildren.

Horriah van Veen - Nelissen

Horriah has 2 daughters and 1 son. Her experience in macrobiotics is life-long, with 15 years of teaching experience. Horriah cooked for many of her friends during her studies at the Haarlem Business School in Holland, where she met her husband. During her trip to Japan, together with Aveline and Michio Kushi, Horriah taught macrobiotic cooking to Japanese chefs of five-star hotels, who are now offering macro meals on their menus. Horriah is one of the principal cooking teachers at the Kushi Institute of Europe, her cooking is very satisfying and excellent to maintain an active life.




Valentina Nelissen

mother of a daughter, Tosca, graduated from modern dance at the Theatre School in Amsterdam. A lifetime of macrobiotics helps her to avoid injuries, and she is actively spreading her understanding of diet and health among her teachers and co-students.





Jarka Adamcova

graduated from the Kushi Institute of Europe. She teaches Do-In and Shiatsu and is offering ginger compresses. Jarka works as a staff member at the Kushi Institute of Europe and is actively involved in the organization of the studie weekends in the Czech Republic and abroad. She is the editor of the KI Newsletter.




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